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Blast throws the Johnny Test reference to a Poke Ball.

Tiny'Mon is the video-game Johnny plays in Johnny'mon and Return of Johnny'Mon, based on the anime series that Johnny loves to watch. It is a reference to and parody of Pokemon. Names of the "Tiny'Mon" are similar to the names of Pokemon, also. Like Ash to Blast, and Pokemon name suffix/prefixes in Tiny'Mon names. In the world of Tiny'mon trainers go try to battle and catch tiny'mon in square cubes. A Tiny'mon's power is based on it's "power points". Trainers battle one another in the colloseum. Most people play this game to capture the elusive and mysterious Screechereen, which is revealed to be an evolved form of Cuddlebuns. Interestingly enough, unlike Pokemon, Tiny'mon are able to devolve. 

Known Tiny'Mon

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