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"I think you added too much barf!" -- Johnny

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"The Revenge of Johnny X"
Season 2, Episode 6a
Bandicam 2012-01-22 11-55-55-983
United States Airdate: December 10, 2006
Episode Guide
"Phat Johnny"
"The Enchanted Land of Johnnia"

The Revenge of Johnny X is the first part of 19th episode and the 37th episode over all.


Johnny and Dukey must rescue Susan from Bling-Bling Boy in the forms of Johnny X and Super Pooch. Little do they know she doesn't want to be rescued, as Bling-Bling Boy has taken her on a cruise boat with a swimming pool, movie theater, anti-gravity chamber, video arcade, and her favorite restaurants among other luxuries.



  • Susan is in her swimsuit when the others found her, yet she didn't take it with her when Bling Bling took her.
  • The episode's name The Revenge Of Johnny X could be a reference to the movie, Star Wars The Revenge Of The Sith. Like this other johnny test episodes have star wars related references and easter eggs -0TheArchives0


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