"The Return of Johnny X"
Season 1, Episode 9a
United States Airdate: November 26, 2005
Episode Guide
"Johnny's Turbo Time Rewinder"
"Sonic Johnny"

The Return of Johnny X is the first part of the 9th episode of Season 1 and the 17th episode overall.


Johnny becomes Johnny X again in order to save the town from Bling-Bling Boy's pet Repto Slicer.


Lila helps the girls get ready for their science expo and tells them she cleared their trophy case for a spot for their inevitable win. Hugh is then seen looking for Johnny to which Lila tells him she saw Johnny heading to the lab, much to the girls' shock. Meanwhile, Johnny is telling Dukey how to make salsa, but the dog tells him throwing the ingredients in a nuclear cell splitter isn't right. However, the flame-headed boy ignores it and presses a red button marked "Caution", which is when the girls try to stop him, but everyone ends up covered in salsa.


  • Mr. Black, Mr. White and the girls are revealed to have forgotten about Johnny still having his power poots, referencing Johnny X where Black and White neutralized Johnny's other powers but didn't know he had power poots.
  • This marks the debut of Repto-Slicer.
  • Although brief, this marks the first time either of the twins are seen in their regular outfits but without their lab coat: in this case, Susan.
  • Running Gag: Repto-Slicer shredding someone's clothes to look like a bikini.

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