"Stinkin' Johnny"
Season 3, Episode 1b
United States Airdate: September 22, 2007
Episode Guide
"Johnny vs. Bling-Bling 3"
"Johnny X and the Attack of the Snowmen"

Stinnkin' Johnny is the second part of 27th episode and the 54th episode over all.


The episode starts with Johnny and Dukey watching a commercial for a wrestling match in HDTV. Since they don't have it, Johnny asks his father for his credit card to buy one. His father willingly gives it to him because he is trying to clean the house for his wife. He then comes to his senses and takes his credit card back because HDTV is way too expensive.

Johnny comes up with a plan to break the TV so his father can buy a new one, but he accidentally breaks his windshield. Johnny runs away from his father who is chasing him. Johnny then decides to become a wrestler to win $10,000 dollars. He asked his sisters for a costume and a good name. They come up with Stinkin' Johnny. Johnny used his sister's perfume to knock his opponents out for ten minutes. When he goes up to fight "The Caveman", he realizes he ran out of perfume. Dukey dressed up as another wrestler to save Johnny. Susan and Mary then help him. Next his father comes to fight. Finally his mother comes to save him. She wins the match and Johnny and the twins are punished afterwards with Johnny being grounded from T.V. while the girls are banned from the lab.

Later, Johnny is outside playing baseball but when he hits the ball, he accidentally breaks the new HDTV, which causes his parents to punish him again.


  • When Susan yelled out that there were too many challengers in line, she had Mary's voice.
  • Running Gag: When Johnny breaks the window/HDTV by playing baseball, his father/parents yells "JOHNNY!!!!"
  • This episode shows Mary's skills in Acrobatics.
  • when the TV shows the smash down battle bash tonight it was spelled wrong.


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