"I think you added too much barf!" -- Johnny

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"Johnny vs. Brain Freezer"
Season 1, Episode 12a
Johnny vs Brain freezer
United States Airdate: July 22, 2006
Episode Guide
"Li'l Johnny"
"Johnny's Big Snow Job"

Johnny vs Brain freezer is the first part of 12th episode and the 23th episode over all.


A kid at Susan and Mary's school becomes a new villain named Brain Freezer. Now Johnny, Dukey and Bling Bling Boy must stop him before he freezes Porkbelly. 



  • This marks the debut of the Brain Freezer.
  • This marks Scoots' final appearance as it, along with the zit cream blaster and the Turbo Action Backpack were vaporized by by Bling Bling's molecular firecracker.



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