"Johnny on the Spot"
Season 4, Episode 3b
United States Airdate: November 12, 2009
Canada Airdate: September 24, 2009
Invention(s) Featured: The Black Spot/Hole
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Johnny on the Spot is the second part of 42th episode and the 84th episode over all.


Johnny steals a portable black hole, which he later uses and accidentally creates an early apocalypse.


Hugh is doing some work with the hedges until his hedge trimmer cuts off. He bangs on it and it started working again, though as he continues, his trimmer cuts off again. Johnny and Dukey are in the garage and it turns out Johnny is messing with his dad's hedge trimmer switching it on and off. Then Susan and Mary appear wanted to show Johnny their new invention. Dukey asks if it's meat but Mary said its cooler than that. Then Johnny asks if its something dead but Susan said its cooler than that and Johnny asks again if they cross a cat and a raccoon and make a Cat-coon and the girls both said its cooler than that. Johnny and Dukey follow them and Dukey turn off the trimmer again much to Hugh's annoyance.

In the lab, the girls show them a black spot and Mary demonstrates by throwing a tennis ball in the spot. Johnny said it's cool but Susan takes the black spot out of the wall and put it on the floor and takes out another tennis ball and it disappears through the hole. Mary said it's called a black hole and Susan said it's portable but Johnny doesn't know what it means and wonders where the tennis balls went but Mary doesn't know where and Susan asks if Johnny wants to go in and find out where they are and Dukey worried that it could be dangerous that the girls are sending Johnny through a black hole. Johnny wonders how he will get back and Susan said that she and Mary would tie a rope around him. Dukey thinks that Johnny not doing this but Johnny is going to do it anyway and jumps through the black hole much to Dukey's horror and Susan gives him the rope to hold and went into the black hole as well.

Johnny said to Dukey that this hole might be cosmic payback for teasing Hugh and they both land on the ground hard. Johnny told the girls that the black hole took him and Dukey to the wall much to the girls' surprise. Johnny said that the black spot was the worst thing he ever tested and Dukey said that cheese pants is the worst invention and the black spot is a close second. The girls dislike their black hole and wonders what to do with it and Johnny suggest they should get rid of it by throwing it in the trash bin and Susan thanks him for such a good idea. As he said he's just looking out for them.

Outside, Susan brings out the garbage bin and Johnny and Dukey comes out of the tree and takes out the black spot and Dukey asks what they should do with it and Johnny suggests that they will use it so they won't be bored. Bumper appears and wanted to steal the black spot from Johnny just to make him feel bad. He then told Johnny to give it to him or get pounded to Chow Now. Johnny told Bumper and his thugs there is something in the air to distract them. Bumper and his thugs look the other way and while they don't notice, Johnny tells Dukey to run and they speed off as Bumper and his thugs chase them and Dukey asks Johnny if he has another plan besides running and Johnny suggests to run to that big stone wall and then he put the spot on the wall and they both run through it. Before Bumper and his thugs arrive at the wall, Johnny removes the spot from the other side of the wall and they crash into it.

Johnny wonders what else the black spot can do and Dukey suggests to try Chow Now and he speaks Chow Now. Johnny put the spot on the ground and he and Dukey jump through it and came out upside down and landed right side up in Chow Now when suddenly, a lot of Chow Now warriors appears and are headed for Johnny and Dukey. They jump through the spot and go back the way they came. Dukey tells Johnny to pull up the spot. Johnny pulls half of the spot and Dukey grabs the other half. Dukey is happy to be away from the Chow Now warriors and Johnny asks what happened if they have two spots as he puts the spot on the wall and stick his hand through it as it comes out through the half spot that Dukey is holding.

Back at the lab, Mary said to Susan they should receive the black hole and Susan said why and Mary said that it will collapse in on itself and collapse on the Earth with it. Susan said that's bad and that she and Mary should grab it, de-magnetize and neutralize it. They open the garbage bin and realize that Johnny has the black hole. Bumper sees a "talking" box and opens it and sees a "headless" Johnny which causes Bumper and his gang to get freaked out and run away. Turns out it was Johnny that stick his head on the other side of the black hole just to play a prank on Bumper. He asks Dukey if he has a top hat. Bumper meets up with Susan and Mary and told them that Johnny's head was in a box and runs off in fear. Mary suggests to Susan that Johnny went into another direction.

At the park, Johnny shows everyone a top hat and said there's nothing there once he reach inside. He puts his hand on the other side of the black hole on the fence where Dukey is reading a paper as he grabs a bunny and gives it to Johnny as he grabs it from the "hat". Everyone cheers and Johnny goes for another animal in the hat, but instead of a animal Dukey gives him a rock and he takes it out from the hat much to everyone's disappointment. Johnny tells Dukey that the crowd want big animals. Johnny struggles to take out something in the hat as Dukey pushes it through the hole and Johnny takes out a pig from the hat. Everyone gives him a lot of money much to his excitement then Susan and Mary appeared and Susan asks Johnny if he stole the black hole and Johnny said he "received" it from the garbage bin and Mary asks him if it tear and Johnny said why and Susan said if it did rip, it would collapse on itself and suck in the Earth with it. Suddenly, everyone is getting sucked in from the black hole and Susan said that "we're doomed", and Johnny asks the girls if they can stop it but Mary said they can't because the only way to de-magnetize a black hole is with a super magnet and Susan said that the only super magnets in the world is Chow Now and the US base in Alaska and Johnny suggests Chow Now.

The Test kids meet up with Dukey and he asks them if the people are running because there is a 2 for 1 sale somewhere and Johnny tells him that the Earth is getting sucked to the other black hole. Before Dukey say anything else, everyone jump through the other black hole and landed in Chow Now. Johnny sees the giant space magnet and asks if that's it and Susan said it is. Mary and Susan said if they get to the Central Command Center they might operate the magnet remotely and return the Earth back to normal. The alarm goes off and the Chow Now warriors from before charges after Dukey and the Test Kids. Susan asks how are they going to get inside and Johnny suggests the spot. Everyone goes through the spot but before the warriors get closer, Johnny removes the spot and they crashed. Johnny, Dukey and the girls stop and see Chow Now scientists. Johnny said don't run and act natural as he, Dukey, Susan and Mary walk past them. But before they go any further, one of the scientists presses a button and the alarm goes off and Johnny tells everyone to run now. The Chow Now warriors appear and chases after them. Dukey sees a white sign on the door in Chow Now language and suggests that's the Control Room. Johnny uses the spot to go in only to discover it's a Janitor's closet.

Everyone used the spot and arrived at the Control Room. Mary said the the black spot does have fantastic military applications and Susan said that she don't want to give the Military any more ideas. Dukey sees two signs in another Chow Now language and said that the first one is the giant magnet thing much to Johnny's confusion. The warriors are close behind as Susan is about to press the button but Dukey stops her and said that the other sign says Nuke Canada and that this is the real space magnet. Mary said that Dukey's language program needs to be fixed when they get home. Johnny, getting impatient said to work the magnet. But before Susan can pull the magnet's lever, the warriors appear and surround everyone. As Susan said again "we're doomed".

Johnny tells Dukey to say something to the warriors in Chow Now and that they're saving the Earth. Dukey talks to the warriors in Chow Now language and they got confused as Dukey said to Johnny that he didn't translate right as the warriors said "Talking dog" in Chow Now subtitles and they ran away. Johnny asks what happened and Mary said who cares and told Susan to pull the lever. Susan pulls as the magnet gets de-magnetized on the Earth and everything is returned back to normal.

The Test kids and Dukey use the spot to leave Chow Now and they arrived back to Porkbelly. Dukey tells the girls it was a bad idea to make a black hole and Susan agrees. Mary said that she and Susan are going home to destroy it. Johnny tells them that's a good idea and that he doesn't agree with them but here he does. Dukey asks him if he tore the piece of the spot and Johnny said he did just to use for emergency. Dukey asks what kind of an emergency.

At school, Bumper threatens a kid to give him his lunch money. When suddenly, a hand comes out through the black hole and pulls on Bumper's underwear as he states it's a "ghostly atomic wedgie". Turns out the wedgie was from Johnny as he and Dukey pull on the underwear and it comes out of Bumper. Johnny states his final words "Black holes rock!" 


  • Dukey reveals that the girls have invented cheese pants, their worst experiment of all.
    • His statement ,"Cheese pants was the worst, but this is a close second", was used in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, another show Scott Fellows created.