"Johnny on the Clock"
Season 6, Episode 1a
Johnny on the Clock
United States Airdate: April 23, 2013
Canada Airdate: September 4, 2013
Invention(s) Featured: Time Stopping Watch
Episode Guide
"Green Johnny"
"Johnny X-Factor"

Johnny on the Clock is the first part of 92th episode, the first episode of the sixth season and the 183th episode over all.


Johnny finds a time stopper clock his sisters built and messes around with it. When he accidentally breaks it, Dukey and Johnny notice time has stopped. Johnny tries to fix it but time goes backwards instead of forwards. So now they must find a way to fix time so everything will be back to normal.  



  • This is the first episode to broadcast in widescreen.
  • Ashleigh Ball has returned to the role of Mary who departed from the show after the fourth season, due to working on other projects.
  • Dukey references his previous lecture about school from Old School Johnny.


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