"Johnny Vets Dukey"
Season 6, Episode 2a
United States Airdate: May 7, 2013
Invention(s) Featured: Laser Watches, Jetpack, The Hand-y Pack
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"Johnny X-Factor"
"Johnny's No. 1 Fan"

Johnny Vets Dukey is the first part of 93th episode and the 185th episode over all.


Dukey has to go the vet for his checkup, but he's afraid. Therefore, Johnny must get him to go. But every time Johnny tries to chase Dukey, he runs away and outsmarts him.


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"Oh my gosh!, this page is bad" – Dukey

This page is a stub. It needs to be expanded immediatley!


  • Running Gag:
    • Johnny chasing Dukey.
    • Hugh calls the vet to push Dukey's appointment another hour.
    • Hugh seeing Dukey do impressive things no dog has done.



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