"Johnny, wait!" – Susan

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Johnny Test in Black & White is the first part of the 21th episode and the 41th episode overall.

"Johnny Test in Black & White"
Season 2, Episode 8a
Bandicam 2012-01-22 11-21-59-381
United States Airdate: February 24, 2007
Episode Guide
"Johnny Zombie Tea Party"
"Johnny the Kid"


Johnny and Dukey shrink themselves and end up in Mr. Black's stomach. They head to his brain to make him forget that The General told Mr. Black and Mr. White to spy on Susan and Mary to stop them from doing dangerous experiments.



  • Johnny is seen searching on Gaggle, a parody of Google.
  • The title of this episode is a play on words; Johnny goes into Mr. Black's body, while saying something (such as a TV show) is in "black and white" means it is not filmed in color, and instead is displayed as a black and white picture.



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