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"Johnny Mint Chip"
Season 2, Episode 4b
Johnny Test - Johnny Mint Chip
United States Airdate: November 18, 2006
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"Saturday Night's Alright for Johnny"
"Johnny's Pet Day"

Johnny Mint Chip is the second part of 17th episode and the 34th episode over all.


Johnny, Dukey, and the girls go to an ice cream factory, in order to get the recipe for Mega Mint Chip ice cream which Johnny and Dukey are addicted to.


Johnny and Dukey observe Lila and Hugh returning from buying groceries and use x-ray goggles to see if they bought Mega Mint Chip ice cream. When his parents leave the kitchen, the duo take the container and eat the ice cream, splattering it everywhere in the kitchen.



  • The title reference is Chocolate Mint Chip.
  • The entire factory sequence is a parody of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, with the tour guide being a parody of Willy Wonka.
  • This episode is rarely, if ever again, aired on Cartoon Network.