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"Johnny Gets Mooned"
Season 1, Episode 7b
United States Airdate: November 12, 2005
Invention(s) Featured: Rocket ship
Episode Guide
"Johnny and the Mega Roboticles"
"Johnny Hollywood"

"Johnny Gets Mooned" is the second part of 7th episode and the 14th episode overall.


Johnny steals a rocket his sisters made to travel to the moon so he can write his science report. Unexpectedly, he battles some moonsies and saves the Canadian astronauts.



  • When Johnny was on the moon he had no space suit, he could of been dead after 5 seconds on it.
  • The name of this episode is a pun on the act of mooning, in which one person displays their bare buttocks to one or more people.
  • This marks the only appearance of the moon fiends to date.


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