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"Johnny Daddy Day"
Season 5, Episode 1b
Johnny Daddy Day
United States Airdate: June 13, 2011
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Johnny Daddy Day is the second part of 67th episode and the 134th episode over all.

Episode Plot

Realized that it's Father's Day, Johnny, his sisters, and Lila come with the perfect gift for Hugh however, while trying to come up with a gift ended up in disastrous results.


  • Running Gag:
    • Every present Johnny, Susan, Mary and Lila give to Hugh seem to hurt him.
    • The nurse saying "Happy Father's Day".
  • Hugh used to have a best friend name Willy Keller until they became enemies after Hugh stole Willy's girlfriend in high school.


  • After the Robot Dad was set to Self-Destruct mode, when Johnny put out the fire, there are no water stains on Hugh's shirt.