"Johnny, wait!" – Susan

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"Johnny Boat Racing"
Season 4, Episode 25a
United States Airdate: November 11, 2010
Invention(s) Featured: Boats
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Johnny Boat Racing is the first part of 64th episode and the 127th episode over all.


A team of boat racers challenge Johnny and friends to a boat race. Who will win?


The episode starts with Johnny and Dukey eating ice cream by the lake. They see a team rowing a boat instead of using a motor. Dukey explains the sport to him. The sport came from the Egyptians. Johnny doesn't understand why their rowing when nowadays we have motor boats. The team hears Johnny and bets that he couldn't win in a boat race because their national champions. The first one from the Porkbelly Boat-shack to the finish line at the dam is declared the Super Champion of the World.

Johnny and Dukey go back to the lab and ask Susan and Mary for a boat with gadgets to help them win. Dukey explained why he needed one. Mary says they're talking about Kirk Kirkland, the big man on campus, and he's never lost a race. Susan refuses to build them a boat because they're busy. Then out of nowhere the Kirk Kirkland comes out and arrogantly exclaims, "Because you know you will lose to me, Test Sisters!" Susan then bet that they could beat Kirkland and his team easily because they have speed boats. Bling-Bling Boy then broke in, and asked who the men were. Johnny told him that they were having a boat race with them. Bling-Bling decides to enter, because if he wins, Susan would kiss him. Not surprisingly, Susan quickly rejects him. Bling-Bling said he still wanted to have fun in the races. Then Mr. Black and Mr. White came in because they needed their pocket reactor. Again they asked who the men were. Johnny told them what was going on, they wanted in. Before Kirkland was going to leave, Johnny predicted that two more would want to join the race, which one was Mr. Mittens and his butler, Albert. He came right then and there. Then Speed McCool. They both wanted in. Speed McCool said for his next movie he needed a boat and a monkey, which was one of the speed boats and Lolo. Then started the race, in which everyone all eventually crashes except for Kirk and his team, and all go on Johnny's boat. However, Kirk wins (by cheating), and falls down a waterfall, so Johnny is happy they lost. The episode ends with Johnny and the other participants celebrating on the boat and deciding to have a race back to where they started.





  • Running Gag: Somebody saying "Cheaters never win", to which the other person rejects and gets Karma, Kirk/Mr. White saying down, while giving a thumbs-down and the sound of a falling anvil in the background.
  • This is the 3rd race is the series.
  • The racers are Johnny, Dukey, Susan, Mary, Mr. Black, Mr. White, Lolo, Speed McCool, Mr. Mittens, Albert, Bling Bling Boy, and Dark Vegan, and also Kirk and his team.
  • This is a debut to these racers: Speed McCool, Albert (although Albert was briefly seen in Johnny Kart Racing and Johnny's Amazing Race) and Dark Vegan.
  • Johnny, Dukey, Susan, Mary, Mr. Black, Mr. White, Bling-Bling Boy, Mr Mittens, and Lolo all have raced in all three races.
  • Due to his reform, this is the first race where Brain Freezer does not compete.
  • Bling-Bling Boy apparently can understand Lolo, because he understood her say "Cheaters never win."
  • This is the first race Dark Vegan compete in.