"Johnny, wait!" – Susan

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"Johnny Bee Good"
Season 2, Episode 12b
Johnny large.png
United States Airdate: May 5, 2007
Episode Guide
"Johnny Vs. Smash Badger 3"
"The Good, the Bad & the Johnny"

Johnny Bee Good is the second part of 25th episode and the 50th episode over all.


The Bee Keeper steals all the candy in Porkbelly and it's up to Johnny, Dukey, and the girls to stop him.


  • The title reference is the song, "Johnny B. Goode.", by Chuck Berry.
  • The government actually sides with the Bee Keeper, believing that his stealing of candy will force kids to eat healthy foods. In the real world, though, the government would likely see the Bee Keeper as someone out to destroy the whole candy industry (as well as make soldiers less effective in the field, since soldiers use chocolate rations as a quick energy fix), perhaps even an eco-terrorist due to his use of genetically-enhanced bees.




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