"Johnny’s House of Horrors"
Season 1, Episode 5B
United States Airdate: October 29, 2005
Invention(s) Featured: Construction Drones
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Johnny’s House of Horrors is the 10th episode of the Johnny Test cartoon, and the 10th episode of Season 1. It first aired in USA on October 29, 2005 on Kids' WB.


Decades prior to the start of the film, the Zenith team are five young superheroes who fought to protect the world from evil, led by Jack Shepard, a.k.a. "Captain Zoom", who possessed super-speed, and his older brother, Connor Shepard, a.k.a. "Concussion", who could project sonic blasts. The American military sought to enhance the team's powers using an experimental form of radiation called "Gamma-13". This made Zoom faster and stronger, but it also turned Concussion evil. Thinking Zoom and the team betrayed him, Concussion went insane and killed his teammates Marksman, Ace, and Daravia. Concussion was believed to have been destroyed by Zoom at the cost of his powers, but he had been sent into another dimension instead.

Thirty years later, Dr. Ed Grant, the scientist behind the original Zenith Project, discovers that Concussion is making his way back into their dimension. General Larraby, the military officer in charge of the Project, decides to form a new Zenith Team to fight him. Jack finds himself dragged back into the Project, this time as an instructor. He is told that a new team is needed to battle a great menace but is not told what it is. He is also told that if natural training does not prepare the new team in time, they will be exposed to Gamma-13. In their secret base, Area 52 (a reference to Area 51), he meets Marsha Holloway, who is a beautiful but clumsy psychologist, a big fan of Zoom's, and knows of him only through the comic book adaptations of the team's adventures.

The project holds an audition of would-be members, most of whom possess useless or disgusting powers. In the end, four auditioning kids are selected: Dylan West, a seventeen-year-old boy possessing invisibility, Summer Jones, a sixteen-year-old girl with telekinetic powers and empathic senses, Tucker Williams, a twelve-year-old boy who can enlarge and inflate himself at will and Cindy Collins, a six-year-old girl with super strength. All four of them are shown as having problems adapting to normal life because of their powers. At first things do not go well, with Jack being bitter about the past, and his sarcastic attitude disappoints Marsha. Dylan keeps trying to escape, Tucker has self-esteem problems and trouble controlling his powers, and the kids are annoyed by Jack's attitude. The team eventually forces Jack to face the fact that he's not really putting his heart into their training. Slowly things begin to come together, as the new team's abilities improve, they adopt superhero identities.

Eventually, just as Concussion is about to arrive on Earth, it is discovered that Dylan also possesses a kind of clairsentience, also known as mind sight, a rare power exhibited by a team leader that allows him to discover not only Concussion's location, but also the project's true purpose. The team is meant merely as a distraction from the military's plans to capture Concussion in a special net that will cause his concussive blasts to reflect on himself, neutralizing him. Marsha also reveals that she secretly possesses a form of super breath, which appears as sparkly, rainbow-colored wind. She uses this power to aid the team in their escape, when the military is about to transfer them to the Gamma-13 chamber for artificial power enhancement. Using the malfunctioning flying saucer stored in the base, which they repair on the way, Jack escapes with the team, including Marsha. He is dropped off at a point in a desert where Concussion will arrive, planning to try to talk to him. Jack tells the team to avoid, but they refuse.

When Concussion arrives, he refuses to listen to reason and attacks his brother with concussive blasts, while the rest of the team takes him on. Larraby orders the net to be fired, but Concussion blasts it away, and it almost lands on Cindy. This causes Jack to regain his powers, and he saves her. He then runs back to the base (tripping and rolling in the middle of doing so), puts on a new costume, and returns to battle his brother. Working together, the team (plus Marsha) guide Concussion into a vortex that Zoom creates by running around in a circle at super-speed in the opposite direction as before. Dr. Grant yells to Zoom that if he closes the vortex, they can save Concussion. The vortex ultimately removes the Gamma-13 from Connor and restores his powers to normal, thus turning him good again. Zoom and Concussion are reunited.

Three months later, Dylan is dating Summer, who is on the cheerleading team, using her telekinetic power to help build the pyramid. Tucker is the goalie on the soccer team, and Cindy is in a school play of Rapunzel, using her strength to pull the "prince" up the tower. In addition they still work together with Zoom as the new Zenith Team.

Major Events


  • Mr. Sperling


  • Running Gags: Hugh getting scared.
  • Title Reference: The title is a reference to the modifications the Test house received in this episode.
  • The Nightmare House is probably a reference to the Addams' Family house.
  • This is the first episode to focus on a character other than Johnny as the main character. This episode focused mostly on Hugh Test.
  • Most or all of Hugh's fears were shown in this episode. His fears are:
    • Snakes
    • Quicksand
    • Centipedes
    • Giant Cerberus
    • Giant Snails
    • Aliens
    • Vampires
    • Man-Eating Plants
    • Giant tentacles
    • Clowns
    • Giant Spiders
  • This marks the first time Lila's name is heard.
  • Even though in most episodes Johnny's room appears to be clean, this time it appears to be extremely dirty, close to how it is shown in the intro.
  • Susan and Mary had a small role in this episode.
  • This is the only appearance of Mr. Sperling.


  • Dukey spoke throughout the episode while close to Hugh, Lila or Mr. Sperling, yet, no one seemed to notice.
    • They might have been to scared to notice, or simply thought they were hallucinating
  • When Johnny and Dukey equipped the protection suits, Dukey's fingers were shown to be human when he equipped the gloves, even though he has paws.
  • When the junk bags fell down the stairway, the first fell into the kitchen, taking Hugh, Lila, Johnny and Dukey to the living room, even though the stairway is in the living room.
  • When Dukey first read the notebook, 2 constructo-bots carrying some caged snakes were shown in the background, yet, after the scene is zoomed out, they were nowhere to be found.
  • Even though the main door of the house leads to the living room, Lila and Mr. Sperling were nowhere close to the living room when they entered the house.
  • The house had more rooms than usually during the time it was the Nightmare house.
  • When Johnny opened the door where the giant tentacle resided, there were no pictures on the wall, yet, when they were shown looking at the blueprints, there were 2 pictures on the wall.
  • Outside of Johnny's room, no clown was shown having their hands caught in the door, yet, inside Johnny's room, there were 4 hands caught in the door.
  • When Dukey said "basement" after dropping through the quicksand floor, his mouth did not move to speak.
  • When Johnny and Hugh placed Mt. Sperling in Lila's car, there was light outside, yet, when they watched from the window, inside of the house, there was night outside.
    • The time seems to be varying a lot in this episode.
  • When Johnny, Dukey and Hugh were looking outside through the window, the quicksand floor didn't swallowed them, only doing so when Johnny brought it to attention.
    • Also, The quicksand floor only swallowed people, as the rest of the tings in the room were standing on it like standing on solid floor.

When the giant squid grabbed Mr.Sperling Johnny and dukey ran out followed by Lila and Hugh test with Mr.Sperling was with them right after he was held by the giant tentacle.