"Johnny’s House of Horrors"
Season 1, Episode 5B
United States Airdate: October 29, 2005
Invention(s) Featured: Construction Drones
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"Johnny and the Ice Pigs"
"Johnny's Super Smarty Pants"

Johnny’s House of Horrors is the 10th episode of the Johnny Test cartoon, and the 10th episode of Season 1. It first aired in USA on October 29, 2005 on Kids' WB.


The episode begins with Johnny, asking his mother what she want him to do, to which she replies that she wants him to clean his room, telling him that an important client will come to their house for dinner the following day. Johnny that says that the client won't have dinner in his room, but then wonders if he will, but his mother tells him that he won't but the room smells bad, and Johnny's father is nervous about having guests, to which the camera shows Hugh cleaning the kitchen's floor, saying that he sees his image on it well, but not like in the mirror, and then starts cleaning it again. Lila than says that Hugh has had nightmares in the last week, and tells Johnny to make the room exactly as Hugh wants it to be.

The scene then shows Johnny and Dukey equipping themselves with protection suits. As they are done, Dukey asks Johnny when was the last time when he cleaned his room, to which Johnny tells him that he never cleaned his room. The scene than moves a bit forward, where Johnny is shown using a jackhammer on the junk in his room, saying that he broke the petrified pizza boxes. Dukey is than shown with one of Johnny's tighty-whities, saying that he'll send them to the museum. A view from under the junk is than shown, with Johnny and Dukey taking the junk above away. After they done, they look down, with Johnny being intrigued about the carpet's color, implying that's the first time he saw it.

A bit forward, Johnny is shown to have finished cleaning his room, all the junk being closed into bags, which Johnny placed on the top of the stairs. As he and Dukey place the last 2 bags on the pile, the bags start moving away, going down the stairs. Lila is than shown telling Hugh, who was still cleaning the kitchen's floor, that the house looks great, before the junk enters the kitchen, taking Johnny, Dukey, Lila and Hugh all the way to the living room. There, Hugh is shown to be close to crying, but Johnny tells him to look at the bright side, as his room is clean.

Johnny and Dukey are then shown jumping on the junk bags pile, trying to stuff it into a garbage can. They then hear Lila's voice, and start looking in their parents' room through the window. Lila tells Hugh that he won't have nightmares anymore, as the house is clean. Hugh tells her that's not it though, saying that he'd wish to redecorate the whole house. He says that, for years, he kept a notebook near his bed, which he filled with ideas for his dream house, but he says that it will always be just a dream.

The following day, Lila is shown going to the airport to pickup Mr. Sperling, and Hugh going to buy the ingredients for the dinner. As they leave, Johnny tells Dukey to hurry, as Susan and Mary are waiting for them, surprising Dukey, who asks why. In their parents' room, Johnny takes one of the notebooks there, telling Dukey that it contains all of his father's dreams, and that they'll build them for him, but Dukey tells him that they don't even have time to read the notebook. In the lab though, Susan tells them that they won't need to read it. Mary says that their computer will scan the notebook, and will send the information into the chips of the constructo-bots. The robots are than shown building the ideas in the notebook.

After a while, outside, Johnny says that his father will have his dream house, and that his mom's client will be impressed. Dukey that tells him that in the notebook are some weird ideas, like a quicksand floor in the living room. Johnny says that that's what his father wants.

During the evening, Hugh is shown coming back from the shop, placing the groceries on the table. He than takes the milk, wanting to place it in the fridge. As he opens the fridge though, snakes jump out of it, scaring him really bad, making him run to the living room. There, Johnny and Dukey are looking at him, as he tells them that there are snakes in the fridge. Johnny than tells him that he used his notebook to create him a dream house, surprising him. Johnny than shows him the notebook they used, but Hugh says that's not his design notebook, but the nightmares journal, saying that Johnny made him a nightmare house. The narrator, in a advertising like tone, begins to describe the Nightmare House, saying that it contains a cave basement, the stairway of horrors, holographic vampires and more. Johnny then says that now he understands the meaning of the quicksand, once more scaring Hugh, who asks Johnny if he's trying to tell him that the whole house has been rebuild based on the nightmares he had in the last two weeks, to which Johnny replies positively, with a simple yes. Hugh than gets scared, as the scene than shows Lila entering the house with Mr. Sperling. As Lila opens the closet to place Mr. Sperling's coat there, bats fly out of it, scaring both of them, after which a hatch opens under them, making both of them fall.

Back in the living room, Hugh and Johnny are shown quickly being swallowed by the quicksand, while Dukey is looking at the blueprints of the house, telling them that the blueprints show they'll fall in the basement. As they fall in the basement, Lila and Mr. Sperling are shown fighting off some centipedes, with Mr. Sperling asking for a explanation. Lila tells him that she only wanted to show him their happy house. As the centipedes run away, Hugh is seen crawling behind Lila, asking her if the centipedes have left, but Lila presents him to Mr. Sperling. Johnny and Dukey are than shown viewing the blueprints, with Dukey saying that the best solution would be to cut the power, as there is a central panel in Johnny's room. They are than shown running up the stairs, and, as they get back to the normal level, they see a big, blue, Cerberus, waiting for them, which Lila dubs as their cat, before she tells everyone to run. As they escape the Cerberus, they reach a long hallway, and Lila tells them to run again. They are than shown running through the hallway, passing some giant snails, aliens, vampires and man-eating plants. After they pass the man eating plants, Hugh stops, saying that he can't go on anymore, showing to be extremely terrified. Johnny grabs him by his clothes and tells him to snap out of it, making him come back to normal. Johnny and Dukey are than shown opening the door at the end of the hallway, just for Mr. Sperling to be caught and slammed on the ground by a giant tentacle.

Johnny and Dukey are than shown looking at the blueprint. They than go back, and reach the stairway of horror. There, everyone but Hugh go up. Lila quickly stops and tells Hugh not to worry, as it's just a stairway. Hugh at first wants to catch Lila's hand, but quickly changes his mind as he saw some clowns going down the stairway. Johnny and Dukey are than shown passing through the legs of the clowns, with Dukey saying that Hugh has problems. Mr. Sperling is than shown hitting the clowns with his walking stick, but he, along with Lila and Hugh, quickly run to Johnny's room, where they close the door, catching some clown hands in it. As everyone keeps the door blocked, Johnny says that he'll go stop the power, but a giant spider jumps in front of him before he could reach the lever. Seeing the spider, Mr. Sperling faints into Lila's hands, and Hugh crouches in terror. Cornered, Johnny asks for help, making Hugh gain some courage out of nowhere, and face the spider, like a toreador. Dukey is than shown taking one of Johnny's dirty panties, and passing them to Johnny. Taking the panties, Johnny jumps on the spider's head, and places the panties on it, making it die because of the smell. Dukey is than shown pulling down the power lever, making every nightmare creature either stop or disappear. Hugh than says that, even though he never though he would say it, he's glad there are dirty undies.

A bit forward, in the front of the house, Susan says taht the house will be back to normal in a hour. Hugh than asks what they'll do with Mr. Sperling, to which Lila says he'll be fine, but that she doesn't know how she would explain all that to him, but Johnny says that he knows.

Soon enough Hugh and Johnny are shown placing Mr. Sperling in Lila's car. As they leave, Lila wakes up Mr. Sperling, who is at first in a shock state, but than asks where he is, and what happened. Lila than tells him that he must be exhausted, as he fell asleep on their way from the airport. Mr. Sperling than tells her that he had a terrible nightmare, but Lila assures him that he'll forget about it after he tastes Hugh's food.

Back in the house, Johnny tells Hugh that he's sorry for what happened, and that he only wanted to make him his dream house, but Hugh tells him that he realized that he already has it, and tells Johnny to help him cook the dinner. Johnny than asks him if they can keep the quicksand floor, saying that it is really cool, as they start sinking. The narrator than, once more in a advertising style, says that the super funny ending is not included in the Nightmare house, ending the episode. 

Major Events


  • Mr. Sperling


  • Running Gags: Hugh getting scared.
  • Title Reference: The title is a reference to the modifications the Test house received in this episode.
  • The Nightmare House is probably a reference to the Addams' Family house.
  • This is the first episode to focus on a character other than Johnny as the main character. This episode focused mostly on Hugh Test.
  • Most or all of Hugh's fears were shown in this episode. His fears are:
    • Snakes
    • Quicksand
    • Centipedes
    • Giant Cerberus
    • Giant Snails
    • Aliens
    • Vampires
    • Man-Eating Plants
    • Giant tentacles
    • Clowns
    • Giant Spiders
  • This marks the first time Lila's name is heard.
  • Even though in most episodes Johnny's room appears to be clean, this time it appears to be extremely dirty, close to how it is shown in the intro.
  • Susan and Mary had a small role in this episode.
  • This is the only appearance of Mr. Sperling.


  • Dukey spoke throughout the episode while close to Hugh, Lila or Mr. Sperling, yet, no one seemed to notice.
    • They might have been to scared to notice, or simply thought they were hallucinating
  • When Johnny and Dukey equipped the protection suits, Dukey's fingers were shown to be human when he equipped the gloves, even though he has paws.
  • When the junk bags fell down the stairway, the first fell into the kitchen, taking Hugh, Lila, Johnny and Dukey to the living room, even though the stairway is in the living room.
  • When Dukey first read the notebook, 2 constructo-bots carrying some caged snakes were shown in the background, yet, after the scene is zoomed out, they were nowhere to be found.
  • Even though the main door of the house leads to the living room, Lila and Mr. Sperling were nowhere close to the living room when they entered the house.
  • The house had more rooms than usually during the time it was the Nightmare house.
  • When Johnny opened the door where the giant tentacle resided, there were no pictures on the wall, yet, when they were shown looking at the blueprints, there were 2 pictures on the wall.
  • Outside of Johnny's room, no clown was shown having their hands caught in the door, yet, inside Johnny's room, there were 4 hands caught in the door.
  • When Johnny and Hugh placed Mt. Sperling in Lila's car, there was light outside, yet, when they watched from the window, inside of the house, there was night outside.
    • The time seems to be varying a lot in this episode.
  • When Johnny, Dukey and Hugh were looking outside through the window, the quicksand floor didn't swallowed them, only doing so when Johnny brought it to attention.
    • Also, The quicksand floor only swallowed people, as the rest of the tings in the room were standing on it like standing on solid floor.

When the giant squid grabbed Mr.Sperling Johnny and dukey ran out followed by Lila and Hugh test with Mr.Sperling was with them right after he was held by the giant tentacle.


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