Johnny's Supreme Theme is the first part of the 101th episode and the 201th episode over all. The episode premiered on September 3, 2013

"Johnny's Supreme Theme"
Season 6, Episode 10a
United States Airdate: September 3, 2013
Invention(s) Featured: Theme-ometer
Episode Guide
"Johnny's Next Episode"
"Past and Present Johnny"


The girls create a Theme-ometer that turns real life into movies. Johnny and Dukey borrow it to create a whole world of adventure.


  • When Eugene is about to faint, a boing sound can be heard. This could possibly be a subtle way of saying he just got an erection, or got a idea what he was saying.
  • Here are the list of themes in this episode:
    • Spy
    • Romantic Musical
    • Kung Fu
    • Western
    • Horror



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