"Johnny, wait!" – Susan

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"Johnny's Pink Plague"
Season 1, Episode 10b
Episodul 9
United States Airdate: February 11, 2006
Invention(s) Featured: Killer Zit Cream
Episode Guide
"The Dog Days of Johnny"
"Johnny's Extreme Game Controller"

Johnny's Pink Plague is the second part of 10th episode and the 20th episode over all.


Mary has a big zit on her face; so to stop it, Susan makes a zit removal cream that makes it bigger. Fortunately they used some stabilizing compound to get rid of it. They then planned to bring the zit cream to their Science Bananza at school. Sadly their classmates thought it was a joke. This upsets the twins so much that Johnny wants to help. He take the Killer Zit Cream and gets rid of everyones zit in Porkbelly saying it was Susan and Mary's. Knowing Johnny he took the unstable one that makes the zits bigger and grosser. Then they zap the zits with the stable compound. But then the zit colide to make a giant super zit.


  • When Johnny is fighting the giant zit, Susan and Mary say they have to cross the creams, which could kill either them or the zit, is a reference to Ghostbusters.
  • Running Gag: The Test kids saying only they can diss each other.
  • The giant zit's name is Zitzilla, a clear reference to Godzilla.

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