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"Johnny's Keys To Success"
Season 5, Episode 11a
United States Airdate: September 19, 2011
Invention(s) Featured: The X-Key
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"Johnny's Winter Jacket"

Johnny's Keys To Success is the first part of 77th episode and the 153th episode over all.


Johnny tells Susan and Mary to create a key that can open anything. But after seeing Johnny and Dukey opening everything in town, the townspeople want to steal the key for themselves.



  • When Johnny uses the key to open the closet in his parents' room, in the pile of Johnny's things is "Toxic Battle Blast 4", the game Johnny bought in Rated J for Johnny, meaning that Johnny's parents found out he had it and confiscated it.
  • When Dukey mentions "opens anything, even Gil's heart" it is a direct parody of Kingdom Hearts.
  • Johnny's strechy arms is a direct parody to Mr. Fantastic's unique ability to strech his arms.
  • The X-Key's ability to open any lock is similar to the Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who or the well-known skeleton key.