It's Easter, Johnny Test! is the second part of the 113th episode and the 226th episode over all. The episode premiered on April 9, 2014.

"It's Easter, Johnny Test!"
Season 6, Episode 22b
United States Airdate: April 9, 2014
Invention(s) Featured: Rotten gun
Episode Guide
"Johnny With a Chance of Meatloaf"
"Future Johnny"


Porkbelly's Annual Easter Egg Hunt is sabotaged by Dark Vegan when he turns the festivities into a hunt for Johnny. On the other side, Johnny and Dukey want to win from Mary and Susan in egg hunting.




  • This is an Easter Special, so the intro is styled like Easter.
  • This is the ninth special for the series and the only one revolving around Easter.
  • This episode aired before Gil-Stopping Johnny.



Entering the egg hunt
Throwing out dark vegan

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