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Hank Anchorman
Hank Anchorman
Gender Male
Age 51
Hair Color Brown and grey
Blonde (season 1)
Eye Color Blue
Aliases TV Reporter
Friends None
Enemies Johnny Test
Susan Test
Mary Test
Love Interest None
Interests Celebrity things
Family Unnamed daughter
Pets None
First Appearance Unknown
Voiced by James Arnold Taylor

Hank Anchorman is the anchorman for Porkbelly News. In early season 1, he had blonde hair, was thinner and younger, but later on, he had brown hair, he was bald and wore a wig to cover his head. He is also older and has a different face. In season 5, he wears a green suit. He has a daughter as seen in Take Your Johnny to Work Day. Although he usually comes out of nowhere on the TV and helps them with difficult and mostly strange objectives and missions.


Hank Anchorman is shown as having gray hair (Blonde in season 1) with a brown wig (however, his gray hair still shows on the sides of his head) and long, thin eyebrows. He has blue eyes and often wears a smirk and a blue suit with a black tie and white buttons. One of his noticeable features is his large chin.


  • His last name is an obvious reference to the fact that he is the anchorman for Porkbelly News.

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