Boyborgs are the robotic machines designed to look like Gil Nexdor, built by Susan and Mary Test. They are the main antagonists of Johnny vs. Super Soaking Cyborgs, after they learn that the Twins love Gil more than them and attempt to eliminate him.


The Boyborgs appear to look like Gil; blonde parted hair, blue eyes, a striped shirt and white undershirt with cargo shorts with Will having an orange shirt, Bill having blue and Phil having green. However, they appear to have an overbite and a robotic facial appearance. They also have bolts along their arms as well as bolts that hold their lower jaw to their head.

Phil is the android who is dressed in a green shirt, helmet, and brown pants.

Bill is the android who is dressed in a Yellow red and orange shirt, helmet and brown pants.

Will is the android who is dressed in a dark blue shirt, helmet, and brown pants. He is the leader of the other 2.


The Boyborgs were created in order to make Gil jealous of the Boyborgs when they would hold Susan and Mary in an attempt to make Gil care for them. However, when the Boyborgs learn that Susan and Mary loved Gil more than they loved them, they decided to destroy Gil.


  • Phil: "Gil, Gil, Gil! He's all you ever talk about!"
  • Bill: "What about..."
  • Will: "!"
  • "Then Gil must be ELIMINATED!"
  • Will: "Ear and nose plugs dude."
  • Phil: "Aren't you the cute one?"
  • Bill: "Is it me, or did it just get hot in here?"
  • Will: "Love your glasses!"
  • "Split up, and find Gil!"
  • Bill: "Why do they love Gil, and not me?"
  • "Hey Johnny!"


Seeing the Twins, the Boyborgs fall in love.

Hanging out with the Twins.

Terminator reference?

Marching to search and destroy Gil.

The Boyborgs without their helmets.

By splashing them with water, the Boyborgs can be eliminated.

Johnny and Dukey tricking Bill.

What a strange clothing fashion.


Bill has been eliminated.

First, they take the blasters...

...and with a few modifications...

...they created powerful blasters!

Phil has been eliminated.

Splashing water a Will, hoping for him to be destroyed...

...but he's still alive! How is this possible?

Oh. He used nose and ear plugs.

Dukey dresses up like Gil to fool Will.

Seeing the water tower falling down...

Will has been ultimately eliminated. Hurray!

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