The GameDroid is the Johnny Test parody of the GameBoy system and its sequels. It appears in Johnny'mon and Return of Johnny'mon.


There are two types of GameDroids. The first one is the normal GameDroid(resembles the Game Boy Advance SP in shape), which appeared in Johnny'mon . The other one is the GameDroid QS(which is a spoof of the DS/DS Lite/DSi/DSiXL) which was wanted in Johnny's Monkey Business. The GameDroid QS was also seen in Return of Johnny'Mon.


The only known game for the GameDroid are Tiny'Mon Jade. The only known GameDroid QS Game is Tiny'mon Crystal Versions.


  • In The Return of Johnny'mon the GameDroid QS was called a GameDroid.
  • Also in the Episode above, the GameDroid QS has 5 screens instead of 4.
  • The Original Game Droid looks like a Game Boy Advance SP.
  • The price of the GameDroid is $250 just like the price for the Nintendo 3ds

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