Grossed Out

Gender female
Age 12-13
Hair Color bright Brown

dark brown (ears)

Eye Color black
Aliases girl with rare hair disorder
Friends Joni West

Johnny Test


Enemies madam Mittens
Love Interest Dukey
Interests dog things, food, water balloons
Family Joni West (owner)

West Brothers Dukey (Male Version) the gender swapper of lila and Hugh

First Appearance Johnny Alternative
Voiced by Kathleen Barr

Dutchy is the female counterpart version of Dukey. She made only one appearance in Johnny Alternative.

she's the pet and the best friend of Joni and has the same personality as Dukey.


She looks the same as Dukey, except she is a female, has blue eye-shadow, her coat is pinkish-brown color and she has a poodle's tail and hair. She wears a pink "NOT A DOG" shirt, similar to Dukey's shirt which is blue.



She has a brief crush on Dukey as seen in Johnny Alternative.


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