"Dolly Johnny"
Season 5, Episode 23b
United States Airdate: June 13, 2012
Invention(s) Featured: MODS Doll
Episode Guide
"Magic Johnny"
"Johnny McCool"

Dolly Johnny is the second part of 90th episode and the 180th episode over all.


The girls use Johnny's DNA to create a Johnny doll that can control any of Johnny's actions. Johnny and Dukey manage to get the doll away from them, but got rid of it before realizing that the doll is heading straight for the incinerator.



  • Hugh: What on earth is going on?


  • MODS Dolls are parodies of Voodoo Dolls
  • When Johnny was turned into a unicorn, it resembled a character from My Little Pony.
  • Hugh gets sadistic pleasure out of using the kids to do his chores.
  • During the scene where the dolls are destroy when it's DNA has been extracted, the Johnny MODS Doll shouldn't look like before it went into the compactor.


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