Mitchell "Bumper" Randalls
Bumper Randalls
Gender Male
Age 11-12
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Brown
Aliases Boulder
Friends His fellow bullies, Johnny Test (Sometimes)
Enemies Johnny Test (Sometimes),

Wacko, Brain Freezer, Mr. Mittens

Love Interest {{{Love Interest}}}
Interests Bullying,


Family {{{Family}}}
Pets Mr. Muncher,


First Appearance Johnny Impossible
Voiced by Scott McNeil
"Johnny, wait!" – Susan

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Mitchell "Bumper" Randalls (voiced by Scott McNeil): A local bully who regularly tortures the kids at Johnny's school, though Johnny is his favorite victim; he tortures Johnny more than anyone else. However, he has a sensitive side as in an episode he reveals that he loves roses and even has a rose garden. He has two cats: a white cat called "Cuddles" and an orange tomcat. He also has a lizard named Mr. Muncher and a bulldog. His father seems to want him to be a wrestler, but he just wants to grow flowers so he takes his anger out on Johnny. This leads to why he probably bullies all the time. He first appeared in Johnny Impossible.


Rock Transmutation (As Boulder: Johnny X Strikes Back)


  • Despite the show's creators confirming his name, Bumper's real name hasn't been said once to date in the show itself.

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