"Bugged Out Johnny"
Season 5, Episode 21a
United States Airdate: March 21, 2012
Episode Guide
"Johnny vs. The Tickler"
"Johnny Test's Quest"

Bugged out Johnny is the first part of 88th episode and the 176th episode over all.


Johnny finds a bug in his breakfast cereal, so Lila contacts the company and a free case of cereal is delivered in apology. Johnny wants to add bugs in the products and send pictures of them in it so he get those items for free. But after not being able to find anymore bugs, Johnny goes into the lab and opens up the jar with a ladybug in it but this turns out it's not a normal ladybug it's a ladybug with a voracious appetite. And now he and Dukey need to stop that monster Ladybug before it eats up all the plants and grows.





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