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"Bathtime for Johnny"
Season 3, Episode 4b
United States Airdate: October 13, 2007
Canada Airdate: September 18, 2008
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"Johnny Test: Monster Starter"

Bathtime for Johnny is the second part of 30th episode and the 60th episode over all.


The Test family tries various ways for Johnny to take a bath. Meanwhile, Dukey celebrates his birthday by himself, thinking Johnny forgot.


  • Running Gag: Dukey is mistaken as being the bad smell and everybody keeps giving him baths. ("Dukey, Bath[time/bot]! Now!")
  • Each of the Family had different ideas to get Johnny clean.
    • Hugh - To ask Johnny to take a bath and building a trap.
    • Lila - Driving Johnny to the Car Wash with the top of the car open and dressing up as a ninja-wash warrior.
    • Susan and Mary - Sending the Bathbot, making a bath-couch trap, and using a sentient snake made of water after Johnny.
  • The events of this episode were later mentioned in The Return of Johnny Super Smarty Pants.


  • Goof: Susan and Mary said that the Bathbot breaks bones when cleaning someone yet Dukey never broke any bones.