Badias is the dark version of Screechereen. Like its counterpart it is very powerful (1100 power points).

It got destroyed by "Dadoomorang" (The evolved form of Imhisdad) when Johnny was battling with Blast in the coliseum.

It is also rare due to it having the properties of Dark tinium which it goes through a series of pain.


It looks similar Screechereen but with black skin, purple belly and red fins. It also has longer wings and teeth than Screechereen.


Blast Ketchup

Badias is one of Blast's several Tiny'Mons. Blast used it twice:

  1. To battle Imhisdad
  2. To battle with Johnny in the Tiny'Mon Coliseum (got vanished)


  • Badias may be based off Latios and/or Latias from Pokémon.