A ton of candy 2

A Ton of Candy is a song sung by Johnny and Dukey in Johnny Trick or Treat, while escaping the monsters and animals let loose by Dark Vegan.


Dark Vegan: Cue the music!

Music begins.

Johnny: Monsters to the left
Creatures on the right
Somehow I've just gotta survive toni-ight
Yeti's lookin' mean
Gator wants my spleen
Cyclops has one eye and the spiders keep on droppin' by
Dukey: Behind every door something creepy lies
Both: and I just wanna live to collect my prize
A Ton of Candy
A Ton of Candy
Johnny: I'm wearing a tutu for a Ton of Candy
Both: I'm running through the night for a Ton of Candy
A Ton of Candy
A Ton of Candy
Johnny: Skeletons and Blobs won't let me be
And there's a suit of armor tryin' to shish-kebab me
Dukey: Gotta keep moving
Can't fall on my keister
Johnny: A Ton of Halloween candy might last us til Easter!
Both: A Ton of Candy
A Ton of Candy
I'm running for my life for a Ton of Candy! Whoo-Hoo!!


  • This is the first song in the series.