"99 Deeds of Johnny Test"
Season 4, Episode 15b
United States Airdate: July 5, 2010
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"Princess Johnny"
"Johnny's Amazing Race"

"Johnny, wait!" – Susan

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99 Deeds of Johnny Test is the second part of 54th episode and the 108th episode over all.


After getting his 99th detention, Johnny is told by Principal Harm he must perform 99 good deeds or he'll be sent to military school.




  • Hugh shows extreme intent to send Johnny to military school, although planning to send him to military school is a bit much, even for Hugh.
  • Hugh already planning to send Johnny away is also a parody of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, where Ted's father is hellbent on sending him away to military school before Bill and Ted even got the opportuniy to present their report, showing a lack of confidence on both Ted's father's and Hugh's parts.
  • Principal Harm shows a strange ability to teleport and is revealed to have access to Porkbelly's traffic lights.
  • Old Man Newman appears at Johnny's party.



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